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*blows dust off* Jan. 27th, 2006 @ 06:07 pm
Wednesday: Drinking frenzy in my very own room which resulted in many wierd pictures with a pair of edible underwear which ended up demolished on a random neighbours bed. That's what you get for leaving your door open at 2am and not being there. Wrote on some rez doors and then knocked one hallway of them. Repeating the word Shmammered and saying that my eyes couldn't focus thus they were crossed. Had some WIERD encounters with guys on msn list because I let my friends have their fun and boy did they have it.

Thursday: Started off at 11 getting a message to come have a leisurely drink with Renee and her 3 buddie randoms in her room. Then turned into pub fun at the Duke of Kent thanks to the TTC man who let us on one person free. Sat beside people 50+ having a cop feel game which turned ugly when the guy stood up and boy he was disgustingly in pain from the pants. Ewww! *shudder* Got on the subway where we were alone except for one guy who oddly looked like Mccauly Culkin. He just read his book and smiled to himself as we proceeded drunkily swinging from the train bars and shouting bets of who could reach the bar with a foot. Guys stole some pans put them across one of the lanes, got a tree put in another lane avec cones surrounding. You got 'panned' was officially coined as well.

Now you know...
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It was one evening I won't forget... Jan. 12th, 2006 @ 12:16 pm
Yesterday around 4, 4 people set out to the store down the street. If only they knew that they would witness and soon possess a life altering object. Stepping into the local shoppers drugmart, one brave girl looked to her left into the glorius light that was omitting from a small traveling box. Upon closer inspection, the box read My Hanukkah Cookies. It was fate, she stole up the little handle of the box and quickly paid for it with the little money she had. $ .99 for the box of cookies shaped like a dradel, menorah and the star of David. HELL YEAH, HELL YEAH oh just HELL YESSSSSSSSSSSS! That girl was me and now the box goes everywhere I go, spreading the word of my awesomely Jewish cookies. Just to set it straight though, I'm not Jewish, I just love their cookies...
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I dunno Dec. 7th, 2005 @ 03:13 pm
Tip for people who are just buying their Christmas gifts now, don't buy gifts that are oblong, I'm very close to getting bows and slapping them on my gifts and calling that wrapped. I'm just SO bad at wrapping gifts. I should have bought some christmas bags perhaps...meh anyways I'm going to be off the internet for like a month now after 8 or 9pm tonight because I'm going home for the holidays woot! I have so much stuff to take home but I'm so excited! Update in my life? Phhh, my life is what it is. School, eat, washroom, sleep, a big bundle of stress and every once in awhile a day of being bonkers from drinking Mountain Dew Energy. That stuff is scary it has warning lables on it and everything, it definitely is liquid crack but a lifesaver for when you have been up late studying or have a class with my history teacher Prof. Price or a linguistics class. Whatev, I'm off to sleep possibly and...eat?....eat some frosted flakes?....OH and I <3 The Extreme Pita, delish!
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Nov. 19th, 2005 @ 01:00 pm
This is a waste of space, it's just me whining so don't feel the need to read it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'm so bored to tears. I think I'm going to go back down to the gym and be intimidated by all the iron pumping machines that spend 50hrs in there. I officially hate EBay now, they are bastards and I also hate the mailing system here at school. It takes forever to get a package. My dvds that I ordered should have been here by now. The crap thing about the mail at school is that if the package is too big they don't bring it to your Porter's office instead they give you a slip to tell you its at the mailroom. By the time you get that slip though, the office is closed and you have to wait another whole day. Erg I just want my goddamn dvds so I can entertain myself but noooooooooooooooooo, I'll have to wait like another 3-4days. BASTARDS! Now I have to watch movies that I've already seen! *pouts* And it's not like I have piles of homework that I could be doing like every other week. I actually am done my homework, I finished it all on Thursday. PHHHHHHHH!!! I'm gonna go do........something. *shrugs*
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Nov. 2nd, 2005 @ 02:17 pm
As of today cupe 3903 will be striking tomorrow unless by some miracle York gives them a better deal within less than 24hrs. If I see a picket line outside my window and if I hear anyone cheering for these selfish little pricks I will beat their faces in, throw anything available in their direction and speak profanely to them. THIS IS STUPID!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! BASTARDS! It better only last a week. No one will want to come to York now considering it has had 2 strikes within the last 4yrs. York is really hurting themselves for doing this. *shakes head*
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» (No Subject)
I just found out about a week ago that the book, Memoirs of a Geisha is being turned into a movie so I looked up the trailer and it looks amazing, can't wait for it to come out. I'll definitely be watching it in the theatre. Oh another thing I found out today is that my only out of class exam is on Dec.14th at 2o'clock, the rest either don't have a midterm or they are in class tests. Woot! That makes life a little easier. Anyways off to watch some Family Guy, ciao!
» (No Subject)
I think I rocked my french oral!!! Woot! It went pretty good except for one part where niether Leisha or I understood what the teacher said and we both kinda laughed and said Oui....but she could have been asking anything. But hopefully we get a good mark. This weekend will be lots of hard studying I hope, I'm a little bit more determined to do well in my classes, I need to. Although the word is that the teachers might go on strike, and they better not! I'll be so pissed off. Bah anyways I'm going out ciao!
» (No Subject)
You know what I hate is when people don't do things they say they're going to do. I wish that they would have called because it would have meant alot and they've never done that. Step at a time I guess. *shrugs*
» Sometimes...
Sometimes my little sisters say something interesting and I think the coolest thing that either one of them has said to me, which really made me see how similar, was about memory. The 'Nymph' or 'Crazy One' you might know her as was walking with me down to No Frills and she started talking about how she didn't want to forget anything, even her walking down the sidewalk at that moment talking to me. She didn't want to forget her thoughts and feelings when she became older all though she knew it was inevitable. Poor girl. In those moments you realize your siblings are growing up and it's a shock. Hmm...it's undescribable from here on so ya I came back from rest to post that. Ph! I'm going to sleep for real this time, okay, yes, yes Goodnight all!
» Best Remedy Evar
Well today I felt like crap after a double wammy disappointment and spilling chai all over me, just definitely El Crapo. So, while I was over at Leisha's I discovered that she was in posession of very good Disney movies and thus I chose to watch The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. And Jess if you're reading this I might say that perhaps The Little Mermaid is my all time favourite Disney movie. Prince Eric also is like the best leading male role and isn't the typical Disney Prince. He just rocks my socks okay?! Like really, he's totally 'tapable'. The songs in The Little Mermaid are also superior to the rest and the lagoon scene, come on! *sighs* That made me feel SO much better. Anyways going to bed, good night!
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