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Previous Entry Sometimes... Oct. 20th, 2005 @ 12:43 am Next Entry
Sometimes my little sisters say something interesting and I think the coolest thing that either one of them has said to me, which really made me see how similar, was about memory. The 'Nymph' or 'Crazy One' you might know her as was walking with me down to No Frills and she started talking about how she didn't want to forget anything, even her walking down the sidewalk at that moment talking to me. She didn't want to forget her thoughts and feelings when she became older all though she knew it was inevitable. Poor girl. In those moments you realize your siblings are growing up and it's a shock. Hmm...it's undescribable from here on so ya I came back from rest to post that. Ph! I'm going to sleep for real this time, okay, yes, yes Goodnight all!
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