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Previous Entry *blows dust off* Jan. 27th, 2006 @ 06:07 pm
Wednesday: Drinking frenzy in my very own room which resulted in many wierd pictures with a pair of edible underwear which ended up demolished on a random neighbours bed. That's what you get for leaving your door open at 2am and not being there. Wrote on some rez doors and then knocked one hallway of them. Repeating the word Shmammered and saying that my eyes couldn't focus thus they were crossed. Had some WIERD encounters with guys on msn list because I let my friends have their fun and boy did they have it.

Thursday: Started off at 11 getting a message to come have a leisurely drink with Renee and her 3 buddie randoms in her room. Then turned into pub fun at the Duke of Kent thanks to the TTC man who let us on one person free. Sat beside people 50+ having a cop feel game which turned ugly when the guy stood up and boy he was disgustingly in pain from the pants. Ewww! *shudder* Got on the subway where we were alone except for one guy who oddly looked like Mccauly Culkin. He just read his book and smiled to himself as we proceeded drunkily swinging from the train bars and shouting bets of who could reach the bar with a foot. Guys stole some pans put them across one of the lanes, got a tree put in another lane avec cones surrounding. You got 'panned' was officially coined as well.

Now you know...
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